December 18, 2016

3 Stages of Trauma Recovery to Find Peace

Below are the three stages of the recovery process for trauma that we follow as therapists at Vancouver EMDR Therapy. We use EMDR therapy in every phase of the recovery process whether it is helping to create safety and increasing inner resources or processing traumatic memories and strengthening new ways of experiencing self and others.

Stage 1- Safety and Stabilization

Establish personal safety, self care, tap into inner strengths and resources for healing, learn to regulate ones emotions, stages-of-trauma-recovery-womanlearn to manage painful and unwanted thoughts, feelings  and emotions.

Stage one is not about discussing and processing of traumatic memories but instead creating a road map and strengthening the person.

Stage 2-Remembereance and Mourning

Review and discuss traumatic memories,  process traumatic material to resolution,  work through grief and mourn for what was lost in a person’s life due to trauma. With EMDR therapy transform traumatic memories into non traumatic ones. Build upon positive beliefs of self which spontaneously occur in the healing process and which emerge during this stage.

Stage 3- Re-connection and Integration

Build upon newly emerging positive healthy beliefs of self. Imagine experiencing life in a new way including connecting with others and engaging in meaningful activities and life experiences.

EMDR therapy is a effective and rapid method for healing from distressing memories and traumatic events. People do not have to live in pain and feel that their life has been ruined. There is help, healing and peace.