About Lemecia Lindsey
Lemecia Lindsey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a trauma specialist, advocate for survivors, heart healer, and companion on your journey to wellness.
December 18, 2016

3 Stages of Trauma Recovery to Find Peace

Below are the three stages of the recovery process for trauma that we follow as therapists at Vancouver EMDR Therapy. We use EMDR therapy in every phase of the recovery process whether it is helping to create safety and increasing inner resources or processing traumatic memories and strengthening new ways of experiencing self and others. […]

December 17, 2016

What No One Tells You About Trauma (Part I)

We are learning more about trauma all of the time. New research is giving us insights into the effects of trauma and the subsequent behaviors that people exhibit. The more that we know about trauma the more that we can help survivors, including give a voice to their experience. Below are some examples of what […]

December 10, 2016

Parenting With a Trauma History Is One of the Bravest Things That People Can Do

Parenting is not easy. Parenting is one of the hardest and one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have in their life. Mothers and fathers with trauma backgrounds have special challenges when it comes to parenting. Research shows that parents who experience substance abuse, depression or PTSD as a result of their trauma […]

November 19, 2016

The Worst Advice Given To People With Trauma

It is difficult to see someone you love or care about experience life changing trauma. The worst advice given to people with trauma is not usually done to hurt or cause pain but instead said out of desperation to help. Many people who haven’t experienced a major trauma event in their life are not prepared […]

November 13, 2016

10 Ways EMDR Therapy Helps Teens to Heal from Trauma

Here are 10 ways that EMDR therapy can help teens heal from trauma. EMDR therapy is effective and works fast-teenagers and their parents usually don’t want to commit to years of weekly therapy. Research shows that with single incident traumas EMDR therapy can resolve traumatic symptoms in a matter of 6-10 sessions. Teenagers need sleep […]

November 13, 2016

What to Look for in a Trauma Therapist

Many people wait months or even years before reaching out for help from a therapist. Survivors of trauma in particular can feel shame and be fearful to discuss the event. This often leads to them feeling hopeless believing that there isn’t anyone who can help them let alone understand what is happening to them. Feeling […]

September 26, 2016

EMDR Therapy for Seniors

Older men and women are faced with many challenges in their later life including; the death of a spouse, friends and relatives. They also face growing medical issues and life transitions which can lead to depression and anxiety. Also, when new trauma takes place in their life it can create a ‘domino effect’ reactivating old […]