June 3, 2016

Why EMDR is so Effective at Healing the Shame of Childhood Abuse

Sexual abuse or child abuse survivors often report experiencing shame.

Untitled-24If you are a victim of childhood abuse; physical, sexual abuse or neglect then you know about shame.  A hallmark of shame is the negative thoughts and feelings that people are left with even after the abuse is over. Often times survivors think that they are to blame, “it is their fault”, “they were weak” or “unlovable”. EMDR therapy deals directly with the negative cognition’s that perpetuate the trauma of childhood abuse. Trauma is not only the experiences and memories that took place but the negative thoughts about ourselves that we are left with. EMDR is extremely effective in healing the shame of childhood abuse because not only do we target the traumatic memories but we also target the negative cognition’s that survivors are left with even after the abuse has stopped.
If you experience shame as a result of childhood abuse then call us. We want to help you!
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