Integrative Mental Health

We can no longer separate the mind and body. In order to have “good mental health” we must treat the whole person.

I am a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP). As a therapist I am looking for the root cause of my client’s emotional distress. From a trauma lens perspective, I am looking for what past experience or experiences has caused the client to feel the way they do about themselves or the world. As a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, I look for what physical or lifestyle behaviors can be adjusted to better support my client’s emotional well-being and help build resilience to life stressors.

The more we learn about mental health the more we understand that lifestyle plays a significant role in how we feel. There is a complex connection between our bodies and our minds. What we eat, how we sleep, move, regulate our nervous system and work with our mental health are factors which can contribute to anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental health issues.

As a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, I work with clients to assess and then address multiple domains of health through psycho-education.

These domains include:

Nutrition– What are you eating?

Sleep– How are you sleeping?

Movement– Are you moving?

Nervous System– Are you able to regulate your nervous system?

Mental/Emotional Health– How is your emotional health?

I support clients with holistic self-care strategies will help them to stabilize emotionally quicker and be better able to the “work of therapy,” feel more resilient to stressors and sustain greater long-term treatment outcomes when therapy is over.

Looking through the lens of holistic medicine helps me to screen my clients for nutritional or medical issues that need further evaluation or treatment. This screening allows me to better refer my clients for further assessment and treatment to other integrative medicine specialists.


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