June 7, 2016

Adults With Trauma Can Feel Isolated

Adults with trauma can feel isolated and alone.

There are many reasons why people isolate after trauma. Here are a few:

  • Many people who have experienced trauma in their lives feel that others will not understand what they are experiencing. And sometimes they don’t share with others because they want to protect the other person and not upset them with the details.
  • If it is a recent event trauma it is not uncommon for the survivor to initially share and discuss the memory as their brain is trying to consolidate what happened to them. After time has gone by though people tend to withdraw, stop talking about it and shut down.
  • Other times, adults who have experienced abuse from the past are often worried or scared as to what other people will think of them should they share the details. They don’t want to feel different or judged, so instead they hold back.
  • Sometimes people don’t want to talk about their experiences with others because they just want it to go away and pretend that it didn’t happen to them.
  • Sometimes if the abuse happened at a young age the memory can feel like a dream or dream like. This can cause confusion and make them wonder if it really happened or if they are just imagining it. This confusion can create isolation.

Processing trauma memories with EMDR therapy can help clients to let go of the past, move towards healing which allows them to re-engage with life and to the world around them.

We heal when we are not isolated and when we connect with others. Stop feeling isolated and start healing today. Call us at Vancouver EMDR Therapy.

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