Alleviate Anxiety and Chronic Stress

EMDR Therapy for Phobias and AnxietyMany types of childhood events or traumatic experiences as adults that feel uncontrollable can cause long-lasting fear responses.  The feelings of not being in control and not feeling safe, get locked into the memory networks in the brain and can manifest as “out of control” body sensations and anxiety. In order to cope with these thoughts and feelings we can develop a variety of anxiety disorders such as; Generalized Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, panic, social anxiety, performance anxiety and phobias. EMDR therapy is highly effective at helping to get to the root cause of what is feeding the anxiety disorder for the client and LENS Neurofeedback works directly with the brain and nervous system to calm and soothe anxiety symptoms.

In order to help clients reduce or eliminate their anxiety we use a modified EMDR therapy protocol as described below:

The steps that we take in treating anxiety with EMDR therapy:


Process past event/s that laid the foundation of present problem.

  • First, we start by gathering the clients history with anxiety.
  • Then. we teach grounding and self control techniques.
  • We identify the origins of the anxiety and process those memories/experiences.


Process worst event, most recent event and current triggers.

  • We identify the first, worst and most recent experience with anxiety and process that with EMDR.
  • Then we process triggers that can cause anxiety.
  • Using Fast Forward EMDR technique we process any catastrophic thoughts that clients have.
  • Clients will then run a detailed mental video of the catastrophic thoughts and fears that cause them anxiety and we will use bilateral stimulation to process any distress or anticipatory anxiety.


Develop future template of coping with feared stimuli/ situation.

  • We then work with clients to identify future scenarios and with bilateral stimulation install new thoughts and feelings that are more helpful than the anxiety response.

Chronic Stress

Our minds and bodies are designed to tolerate and deal with stress. Chronic stress or toxic stress that is not remitting and ongoing can be overwhelming and wreck havoc on our nervous system. We work with our clients to identify the source of the chronic stress, to understand the effects of the stress and the clients relationship to the stress.

Through the use of EMDR we target memories associated with the stress such as when current stress reminds a client of past events, worries and fears. We also process the distressing current events and effects which helps to “settle down the nervous system” and allows it to be more resilient for future stress. In addition, we use a process called a “Future Template” that allows the client to imagine how they want to experience and go through stressful times which helps to strengthen the neuro networks for future challenges and to reduce the negative effects of stress.